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FET Compressor/Limiter

- Mono FET Kompressor/Limiter
- Basiert auf Urei 1176 Schaltung
- Modern Mode: Elektronisch symmetriert
- Vintage Mode: Carnhill trafosymmetriert
- Highpass Filter bei 60, 90 oder 150 Hz
- Stereolink mit Jack - Jack Kabel
- FET Transistor Gain Reduction Element
- Sehr schnelle Attack Zeiten
- Ratio von 4:1 bis 20:1, All Buttons In

The introduction of several significant structural  improvements against the original version.

One of the most important changes is two mode switch – Modern / Vintage –  deciding  on the circuit of the desymmetrization of the input signal.

Modern Mode – is an  electronic circuit, exactly the same as the previous version of the compressor and the Vintage mode – it’s a Carnhill input transformer. The result is a universal device with two different sound possibilities.

A True Bypass switch was introduced,  as well as  a high-pass filter in the Compressor’s  Side Chain  path.There are three cutoff frequencies – 60, 90, 150 Hz – thanks to which Beta76 is less sensitive to low frequencies. The filter is particularly beneficial to the operation of two compressors in a stereo pair, which are easily connected with a  prepared Jack-Jack cable.

The entire system operates in class A. The element responsible for the gain reduction is a  FET transistor,  giving the effect of rapid and pure compression. There is a  high quality Carnhill audio transformer  on the output favourably affecting the final sound of the compressor.

The housing is made from high quality brushed stainless steel, whereas  the panel  is 4mm brushed aluminium.
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