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Passive Ribbon Microphone
inspired by the 44

- Gleiches Bändchen, Transformator und Tuning des R44
- Klassischer Look
- Weniger ausgeprägter Proximity Effekt als beim R44
- Einfach in der Anwendung und günstig im Preis
- Ideal für Close Up- und Ambient-Recordings

The Workhorse
The R84 is a passive ribbon microphone that  shares many of the unique sound characteristics with its historic  predecessor, the R44. Using everything Wes Dooley and the team here at  AEA had learned by re-creating the RCA 44, we went back to the drawing  board to create something entirely new. Call it a Swiss army knife, your  “desert island mic”, or just “The Workhorse” - the R84 was designed to  be flexible and practical in a myriad of recording settings. With the  improvements in technology and manufacturing since the thirties and  forties, we decided to re-engineer the entire package to be more  efficient, lighter and less expensive, inspiring Wes to affectionately  call the R84 the “R44 for us married guys.” The result is a new  microphone with a classic sound. The R84 produces rich and full  low-mids, a smooth top end, and has a well-behaved bidirectional pickup  pattern. These aspects, combined with the reduced proximity effect, make  the R84 incredibly well-suited for both close-up and ambient mic  applications in medium-sized rooms. It’s just as versatile as an R44,  flattering voice, strings, brass and drums alike.

An Award-Winning Microphone
Since  its launch in 2001, the R84 has not only been nominated for several  awards but has also helped engineers and producers around the world make  influential records. The R84 is so multi-faceted, that it has become a  studio standard, having been used on the following award-winning  projects: Turtle Island String Quartet, A Love Supreme (Best Classical  Crossover Grammy, 2008); Los Tigres Del Norte, MTV Unplugged (Best  Regional Mexican Grammy and Best Norteno Latin Grammy, 2011); Juanes,  MTV Unplugged (Best Latin Pop Album Grammy, 2012); The Zac Brown Band,  Uncaged (Best Country Album Grammy, 2012). It has become a go-to  microphone at world-class studios such as Blackbird Studios in Nashville  and Sear Sound in New York City.

A Big Ribbon for a Big Sound
The  AEA R84 uses a big, 2.35" by 0.185" by 2-micron pure aluminum  low-tension ribbon element just like the classic R44. Many ribbon mic  manufacturers choose shorter ribbons that are easier to install, but  AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry™ design offers important advantages. Ribbon  microphones operate linearly above their resonant frequency, unlike  condenser or moving coil transducers, so the resonant frequency of a  good microphone design should be as low as possible. The longer the  ribbon, the lower the resonant frequency will be. The ribbon has to move  twice as far for every drop in octave as it vibrates within the  magnetic gap, thus, a longer ribbon will allow for further movement back  and forth. This results in the ribbon handling louder sound sources and  more sound pressure level (SPL). Most AEA ribbons are tuned to 16.5 Hz,  and because the R84 shares the same Big Ribbon™ as the rest of AEA's  product line, you will achieve a sound that is smooth, natural and free  from any of the uncomfortable resonances that shorter ribbons and  condensers can exhibit. The result is a sound that many engineers say is  astonishingly close to what their ears hear when you're actually  standing in the studio.
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