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Active Ribbon Microphone
Ultra-quite Version of R44

- Phantom-powered Big Ribbon Mikrofon
- 18dB mehr Gain als R44
- Aussergewöhnliche Fertigungsqualität
- Custom Torrodial Transformator aus Deutschland
- Leisestes jemals gebautes Bändchen Mikrofon

The Rolls Royce of Ribbon Mics
The A440 is the quietest  high-performance ribbon microphone ever produced. It combines all of the  warmth and beauty of the classic 44 with a signal so hot, you’ll have  to experience it to believe it. As with the rest of AEA's Big Ribbon™  microphones, it needs very little EQ, takes it nicely when you want it,  and is free of resonances in the audible range. The A440 is unlike any  other microphone on the market today, and no professional studio should  be without one.

A Glance under the Hood
Like its passive  cousin, the R44CX, the A440 is based on the RCA 44BX, but is phantom  powered and uses a custom-made German transformer. The active  electronics are inspired by AEA’s acclaimed TRP JFET preamp technology,  providing a consistent sound immune to preamp loading. The A440 uses the  same RCA NOS (new-old stock) ribbon element, only 1.8 microns thick,  which is hand-cut from material originally manufactured for RCA. It  features a museum-quality shell with a durable bronze investment cast  yoke. Umber paint and a red medallion on the transformer case, and a  bright nickel finish with polished brass accents are the icing on the  cake for this piece of beauty.

Track Record
Because of its  exceptionally low noise floor and its classic sound characteristics,  the A440 has quickly become a favorite of even the most critical ears.  Orchestral sampling experts EastWest Studios now favor their pair of  A440s over their vintage RCA 44s due to the advantages in noise  performance. Musicians with very high sound-quality demands and the  desire for a long-lasting investment for their microphone locker  gravitate towards the A440. Legendary guitarists Peter Frampton &  Neil Young, or Irish alternative rockers The Script, all share their  love for this stunning microphone.
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