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Microphone Preamplifier & 3 Band EQ Module

- Mono Mikrofon Vorverstärker und EQ Modul
- Der Original 1073 von Sir Rupert Neve
- Von Hand gebaut in Englang wie in den 1970er
- High Pass Filter
- Von Neve entwickelte Tranformatoren, handgewickelt
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output
- Betrieb in 2 oder 8 Slot 19" Racks oder Konsole

The World's Most Desirable Microphone Preamp
Handcrafted and completely hand-wired by Neve’s dedicated professionals in Burnley, England, the modern-day 1073 is produced to the exact specifications of the original modules. Considerable resources have been devoted to the acquisition of the original components to  ensure the sound remains true.

Looking for an outside opinion? Lynn Fuston at EQ Magazine performed an in-depth review of the modern-day 1073 versus a vintage model. We think you’ll find his conclusions quite comforting.

The Class A design 1073 microphone preamplifier features 3 bands  of EQ, with one fixed high frequency band, two switchable bands with cut and boost capability, and a high pass filter. All Neve channel amplifiers are designed to accept signals from a wide range of microphone and line sources.

The Neve 1073 mic pre and EQ combination adds warmth and depth to recordings, brings out subtle ambience, maintains spatial positioning, and more effectively captures a precise image. That’s why the 1073 mic preamp is considered by many to be the very essence of the Neve sound.
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