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8 Slot Rack, Summing Mixer,
USB Interface & Monitor Controller

- 500 Series 8 Slot Rack, 19" 4U
- Summing Mixer mit 28/30 USB Interface
- Monitor Controller als Studiozentrale
- Artist Mixer ohne Latenz
- ADC mit Referenz Master Clock
- Analog In, CAST oder USB Input pro Slot
- Bis zu 16 ADAT In/Out
- Level und Panorama für Summing Mixer

The Centrepiece To Your Studio
500R8 is the new home for 8 of your favourite 500 series modules. It's also your new 28/30 channel USB audio interface, monitor controller, ADAT interface, and discrete analogue summing mixer.

Analogue Character
500R8 takes analogue electronics and USB integration to the next level by allowing you to utilise your favourite 500 series modules as your very own customisable tracking front-end directly into your DAW.  Dedicated USB source selects for each slot and a discrete analogue summing mixer with it's own USB send allows you to bring your 500 series modules- such as EQs, compressors, and saturation devices -into your mixing process and bring analogue sound back into your workflow.

Digital Precision
500R8 features reference-class analogue-to-digital conversion with 121dB (unweighted) signal-to-noise ratio and a master-reference grade internal digital clock with ultra-low jitter (<0.5 picoseconds). The combination of highly-accurate clocking and high-performance digital conversion ensures that every subtle nuance of your analogue signal is captured with the utmost detail, free of any unwanted digital artefacts from the conversion process and with a wide dynamic range due to 500R8's high-headroom and low-noise floor design.

USB Audio Interface
Build your dream studio around 500R8's built-in 28-in/30-out channel USB audio interface that provides recording/playback of analogue and ADAT sources as well as connectivity via MIDI and clock distribution via Word-clock.

Monitor Controller
Control all aspects of your control room and artist monitoring setup by utilising 500R8's built-in monitor controller that includes options for Speaker A & B switching, Mono sum, Mute, Dim, and Talkback facilities.

Artist_Mix_Section - Zero-Latency Artist Mixer
Move away from clunky software mixers and get your hands back onto the mix by using 500R8's analogue summing mixer to create artist mixes that can be blended with the DAW playback, and sent to your musicians with zero-latency.  

Discrete Summing Mixer
Give your mix the final bit of analogue character and send instrument groups and stems back-through your 500 series modules, into the discrete analogue summing mixer, summed, and sent into your DAW via USB.

World-Class Digital Performance
To create a "studio in a box" where your favourite 500 series modules could shine on your digital recordings, it was critical to ensure our digital conversion and analogue processing is best-in-class. We squeezed every possible .1dB of performance out of 500R8 to achieve digital and analogue performance that ensures that the only thing colouring your recordings are mic placements and mix decisions.

AD/DA Performance
The implementation of our ADCs result in 121dB (unweighted) signal-to-noise ratio and - 112dB THD+N whilst our DACs achieve 127dB (unweighted) signal-to-noise and -115dB THD+N. Our analogue design stages operate at between 0.0002-0.0004% THD+N to ensure that the only factors influencing the converters' dynamic range are the converters themselves and not the supporting analogue circuity.

Master Reference-Quality Clock
A/D and D/A numbers don't tell the whole story. Converters are only as good as the clocks that are governing them. Our internal digital clock reaches atomic-clock level accuracy, for master reference-quality with < 0.5 picoseconds of jitter. Our designs feature isolated analogue and digital ground planes and power rails so that our digital elements receive accurate clocks and our analogue signals are noise- and distortion-free.

Deep 500 Series Integration
Utilising the 500 Series standard as a your own front-end puts you back in control of exactly how audio is received and processed before being sent to the DAW. Mix and match to find the best preamp combinations during recording, and then swap them out with EQ's and comps when it's time to mix.

Source_SwitchesSource Select
Each 500 series slot has 3 input source select options; Analogue In, CAST, and USB. Selecting USB allows the 500 series module to pickup audio coming via the USB stream, process it in the analogue domain, and then send it back to your DAW. There's also a Chain switch for each slot that allows you to create custom channel strips of your favourite modules.

Tons Of I/O
An abundance of Inputs and outputs allows 500R8 to integrate with a number of hardware components around your studio. Combine 500R8's analogue performance with your own converters or patch outboard gear into each 500 series slot using dedicated TRS insert jacks. The summing mixer also has a dedicated mix output as well as the artist and control room mix outputs.

ADAT Equipped
For those moments when you need more, 500R8's ADAT ports allow expansion via any 3rd party ADAT device to obtain up to 16 channels of expansion at 48kHz, 8 channels at 96kHz, and 4 channels at 192kHz.

If you demand the same quality in your ADAT expander as you have become accustomed to with 500R8; our 500ADAT is the perfect choice - and it features even deeper integration than you could achieve elsewhere with mix bus linking, and ADAT playback directly into 8 additional 500 series modules.

To top it all off, when you do connect 500ADAT and 500R8 via CAST; talkback and artist monitoring is linked between the two to allow 500ADAT musicians to hear talkback and sources from the 500R8 and vice versa.

Portable, Dependable, And Made In The UK
Housed in a 4U, 19" rack mountable steel frame, 500R8 lends it self perfectly to mobile recording setups. We designed the rack-ears of the 500R8 to support three different orientations that allow 500R8 to be protected in a number of applications. You can recess 500R8 into its rack ears to protect the front panel controls during travel; you can also take those same rack ears and re-orientate them to become a carry handle.

As with all Cranborne Audio equipment, 500R8 is designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK to ensure that every product that leaves our UK factory has met our stringent test routines and will provide years of trouble-free, and dependable service.
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