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Produkte > Studio Equipment > WesAudio > 19" NG Outboard
16 Channel Automation System
with Digital Recall

- 16 Kanal Automation System, 19" 1U
- Analoge Automation mit Total Recall
- +24dBU Headroom
- 6dB Passive Attenuator (PAD) für High Level Signale
- Tiefes Rauschen und Verzerrungen, THD-1N <0.01%
- Mute und Solo pro Kanal
- HUI Controller Integration
- THD Schalter für Saturation
- Volle Integration mit DAW Plug-In
- Flexibles DAW/Live Plug-In Control für Instant Recall
- DB25 Anschlüsse
- Management via Ethernet oder USB

ngLEVELER – “Next generation Leveler” is analog automation system with convenient features for better studio integration. Besides its automation engine it also brings analog saturation per each channel which helps tracks to get more presence in the mix. ngLEVELER doesn’t have any controls, it is either managable via:
DAW Plug-in
HUI controller
Or both

This approach gives us very convenient fader control with true total recall system via DAW plug-in. ngLEVELER was created to become studio centerpiece, and because of its simple analog connectivity it can be used in many applications!

Dedicated plugin control allows to recall and automate your analog signals with ease!

ngLEVELER is fully compatible with HUI, that means most of its functions are manageable directly from HUI controller. To do so, it is enough to connect HUI controller to PC/MAC where ngLEVELER is available (so it is either connected to same machine via USB or when Ethernet connection is used, it is in the same network). Advantage of this approach is, that it is not necessary to run any application (DAW plugin) to control ngLEVELER from your HUI controller, it is enough to log into your operating system and you are good to go! There are few configuration options:
1. HUI control surface to ngLEVELER – this function exclusively uses HUI controller to manage ngLEVELER parameters, in this mode HUI control surface can’t be used with DAW.

2. HUI control surface to ngLEVELER with DAW mediation – this mode works exactly as above, with few differences
– All transport section, special functions are mediated to DAW,Fader section of HUI controller can be toggled via Function Key between: ngLEVELER control
– DAW control.

3. ngLEVELER as HUI device – in this mode ngLEVELER acts as HUI controller, it means that it can be controlled by first 16 faders in your DAW session.

THD – ADD COLOR TO YOUR MIXES on each channel!
THD stands for “Total harmonic distortion” and it allows to saturate your signal with beautiful analog color.

I’m sure all of us wanted to use different device settings based on song section. Now it is possible! Just draw automation lines in your DAW and your analog device will follow!
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