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Bento 8 / 8 Pro
8 Slot Module Carrier

- 8 Slot Rack mit XLR Inputs & XLR Outputs
- Lineares Netzteil
- +/-16V DC 2A und +48V DC 0.25A, 500mA per Slot
- Channel Link-Schalter pro Kanalpaar
- Kompressor Link-Schalter pro Kanalpaar
- Groundlift Schalter
- Bento 8 Pro mit VU Meter und Monitoring
- Bento 8 mit Kopfhörer Verstärker

The Fredenstein Bento 8 and Bento 8 Pro feature a complete linear power supply consisting of a mains transformer and linear regulators. This topology yields the cleanest power to your modules.

Usually linear power supplies can't deliver high output currents, but Bento 8 outputs +/-16V DC 2A and +48V DC 0.25A, 500mA per slot, that's ample power for the most demanding 500 series modules!

Another drawback of linear supplies is that they are prone to introduce hum magnetically from the mains transformer directly into input and output transformer inside modules, especially when plugged into the slot closest to the supply. Bento 8 Pro incorporates extensive magnetic shielding of the mains transformer to eliminate induced hum.

In addition, Bento 8 Pro features a monitoring section. A discrete stereo headphone amplifier, VU- meters, and independent slot output selection for L and R channel. If you want to listen to a mono signal, set both selectors to the same slot. The independent selectors give you complete freedom of selecting your source, the even allow to reverse the stereo field by selecting the left channel to the right slot and the left channel to the left slot. The left VU-meter is connected to the selected L slot and the right meter to the selected R slot.
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