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High Grade Headphone Amplifier

- High Grade Kopfhörer Verstärker
- Entwickelt für Class AB Kopfhörer
- 1 Output auf Gerätefront mit Volume-Regler
- 3 Inputs: Combo XLR/TRS, Mini Jack, Cinch
- Qualitäts Stromversorgung, extern
- Stahlgehäuse
- Produziert in Italien

It’s a linear amplifier in class A/B for headphones. It’s composed by a high-quality grade linear supply with three selective signal inputs:
- Combo XLR/TRS balanced
- Mini Jack
- RCA/Cinch

Thanks to HPA Teknosign, you can listen to your headphones at the maximum linearity, without having fear of influence the performance. The whole is in the solid case typical of the series BOX LINE.
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