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Micro Clock MK3 XB
384 kHz Studio Clock

- 384 kHz Studio Clock
- Verbesserter Jitter Wert auf 0.6 Picosekunden
- 6 Wordclock Outputs auf BNC 75 Ohm bis 384 kHz
- AES/EBU & S/PDIF Outputs bis 192 kHz
- Optical Output bis 96 kHz
- LED Anzeige Word Clock Output auf Gerätefront
- Externe Stromversorgung
- Einfache Integration in bestehende Setups
- Rackmount Kit optional

The Micro Clock MKIII XB is the most accurate word clock we’ve developed to date. With only 0.6pS RMS of jitter at the BNC outputs, it has less than one third of the jitter of the standard Micro Clock MKIII! It boasts incredibly accurate crystal oscillators and superior quality galvanic isolation, both of which contribute to the extraordinarily low jitter measurement.

We spent the better part of a year field-testing the Micro Clock MKIII XB prior to its release, and got a lot of positive feedback on the impact it made in a wide variety of setups. Its small form factor and its ability to drive up to 1,000 feet of coaxial cable make it not only the perfect solution for improving the conversion quality of an audio interface, but also for re-clocking digital mixing consoles at live shows or houses of worship, and as the master word clock in large post-production or broadcast facilities. It can easily sync all of your digital gear together, even if it’s located in different rooms, or different buildings!
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