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TCL-2 Twincom
Twin Topology Stereo Compressor

- Twin Topology Stereo Opto Kompressor
- Dynamikkontrolle mit totaler Signal-Integrität
- Röhren- und Transistorwege vereint in 1 Gerät
- 300V Vacuum Tube Trioden Signalweg, oder
- Diskreter J-FET Solid State Signalweg
- Beide Signalwege ohne Transformatoren ausgelegt
- Minimalistisches Design, nur 1 aktive Schaltung
- Grosse VU Meter für Output oder Gain Reduction
- Ultra-premium Komponenten
- Vergoldete Relais, Anschlüsse, Schalter und Röhrensockel
- Silver Teflon Power Verkabelung
- Mogami Neglex OFC Audio Verkabelung

“We’ve been using our [eight channels of] TCL-2 Twincoms for a number of stereo and six channel surround mastering projects with great results. The ability of each unit to sound either as transparent as the Class A solid state electronics or as warm as the vacuum tube electronics is a big advantage. The Twincom has become our reference analog dynamics mastering processor.”
Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering & DVD

“The Millennia Media TCL-2 sounded nothing short of fabulous on voices (especially male voices), guitars (electric and acoustic), and most keyboards. It does a great job of controlling the dynamics of sustained, high energy programme material, and it bestows interesting dynamic effects on more transient audio. I was often surprised that sources I expected to benefit from the valve amplifier chain actually worked better with the solid-state path, and vise versa.”
Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound, UK
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