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U78 Saturator
Valve-based Saturator Plug-In

- Auf Röhren basiertes Saturator Plug-In
- Schaltung aus legendärem U73b Kompressor Modul
- Frequenzabhängige Verdichtung
- Ideal für Bass, Drums und Vocals
- Schöner musikalischer Röhrensound
- Automatic Output Gain Control

U78 Saturator gives you a chance to colour the precisely selected band with the circuitry of U73b Compressor. Intended to be used on bass, drums and vocals, but creativity knows no boundaries.

The Creation
Almost anything is possible in the digital world. With the right skills and technology, you can create absolutely anything you like... like the U78 Saturator. So we took the circuitry of the legendary U73b compressor and played around a bit to come up with some seriously satisfying saturation!

Vintage modeling
We admire the range of the vintage gear which is impressive but limited. We admire the new analog gear bringing new sound colors and workflows to the audio production world. Modern designs sometimes copy the old gear, but generally, these two worlds are disconnected and the value is not combined.

More than modeling
In U78, we mixed the vintage circuits value, the modern analog design and the software modeling. We performed changes in the vintage device circuitry so it can be used for completely different purposes than the original. And we have immediately created a software model of the result.

U78 Saturator Controls
Gain - adjusts the input gain of the saturation circuit. (The higher the settings, the richer the sound that can be achieved.)

HiPass - sets the cut-off frequency of the high-pass filter, which comes before the saturation circuit in the signal path. (The range is from 30 Hz to 800 Hz - turn the knob to minimum to turn off the HiPass filter.)

LowPass - sets the cut-off frequency of the lowpass filter, which comes before the saturation circuit in the signal path. (The range is from 1 kHz to 8 kHz - turn the knob to maximum to turn off the LowPass filter.)

Tone - controls the U78 Saturator's unique tone filter. (Lower settings produce darker sounds with more low frequency content; conversely, higher settings result in brighter, sparkling sounds.)

Mix - controls the dry and wet signal ratio. (The dry signal is delayed to match the wet signal path latency to prevent phasing issues.)
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