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Send 'N Blend
Mono Mix/Blend Module

- Mono Mixer/Blender Modul
- Gleicher Audiopfad wie SB4001
- 3-Weg Modus (Wet/Dry/Blend)
- Grosser Dry/Wet Regler
- 3-Weg Hard Bypass (Wet/Dry/Blend) mit Relais
- Frontpanel Wet In Buchse

The Serpent Send N’ Blend (SNB-500) is a standalone Mix/Blend control module, available for 500 series. It enables the ability to add a mix/blend function to any piece of outboard gear, allowing for out-of-the-box parallel processing. Typical applications are for parallel (aka New York) compression, however the SNB-500 can be used anywhere where the combining of two individual signals is desired (i.e. dual mic’ing or typical summing applications). The Serpent SNB-500 features premium electronics, utilizing the same core audio path as the acclaimed SB4001®, and features Elna Capacitors, Sealed Potentiometer, Steel Housing Construction, and Three-Way Hard Bypass.

All units are made in the USA to an exceptional level of craft and workmanship.
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