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Model C610
The original Complimiter

- Der originale Mono Complimiter
- Classic Kompressor und Peak Limiter
- Ultra-schnelles Peaklimiting in Picosekunden
- Schnelle Kompressor Attack mit 100 Nanosekunden
- Slope (Ratio) von 1.1:1 bis 100:1
- Variabler Input und Output
- Threshold bei -40dBu

50 years ago,WIlliam G. Dilley introduced the world to his revolutionary new dynamics processor, the Model 610 Complimiter. A truly unique device, the Model 610 was not only the fastest, cleanest and quietest of it's type, but was also capable of providing completely separate peak-limiting and compression functions. For decades the Model 610 could be found safeguarding levels to tape, strapped across the mix bus, and even before record lathes in some of the most well known recording studios in the world.

Today we introduce the Spectra 1964 Model C610 Complimiter. True to the original, the C610 still utilized the unchanged and still unmatched 601 Compressor/Limiter circuit, as well as a 101 amplifier for make-up gain. The improvements we've made include XLR and Phoenix I/O, highest quality input/output transformers, selectable input padding, buffered true VU metering, and multi-stage overload indication.
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