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Stereo De-Esser

- Stereo De-Esser/HF-Limiter
- Threshold 0 bis -26dB
- Max. 11dB Reduktion bei ca. 2 kHz
- Automatische Zeit-Konstanten mit zus. Fast-Schalter
- M/S Sidechain
- Sidechain Link
- Bypass Schalter

The  MDS-2  is  a  dual  mono,  linkable,  high  frequency  limiter.  It  is  housed  in  a  1U  19" rack mount alloy case. It is primarily intended for use as a de-esser, reducing unattractive high frequencies, with minimum coloration and loss of clarity.

Automatic  time  constants  and  optimisation  techniques  for  the  gain  reduction  minimises the number of controls. The advantage is not only simple operation but also increased performance for highly dynamic and inconsistent materials without the need for continuous readjustments.

With wide input range, up to +29dBu input and low noise, the MDS-2 can be used in many different applications.

The side  chain can be switched to M-S, which can be used to zoom in on high frequencies  in  the  centre  of  the  stereo  image.  With  this  function  switched  in  the  threshold  is  6dB  lower  for  the  centre  image  compared  to  extreme  left  and  right. The M-S function does not affect the actual audio path.  
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