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Alpha Channel
The Analog Hit Machine - Channel Strip

- SSL Channel Strip - die analoge Hitmaschine
- Ultracleaner Mikrofon Vorverstärker mit Hi-Z
- Frontpanel DI Input
- VHD Drive für harmonische Verzerrungen
- 3  Position Highpass Filter
- A/D & D/A Wandler, S/PDIF
- Insert Send & Insert Return
- 3 Band SSL Parametric EQ
- Mid-Frequenz mit Q Control
- Auto Kompressor für maximalen Headroom

All great sounding recordings have to start somewhere...

With the classic combination of a mic preamp, filter, EQ and dynamics, the XLogic Alpha Channel brings SSL’s sonic legacy bang up to date in an analogue channel strip designed to provide the perfect front end to your digital audio workstation.

With all the features needed to record great vocal or instrument tracks, the Alpha Channel offers a studio class mic pre and processing based on SSL’s years of experience in designing the world’s leading analogue recording consoles. A huge proportion of the music you know and love was recorded on SSL, renowned for the superior audio qualities you’ve heard on countless hit records. That elusive sonic ingredient is here in the Alpha Channel.
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