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Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon

- Röhrenmikrofon mit Nieren-Charakteristik
- Einzigartige ellyptische Kapselform
- Röhrenschaltung vom U47 inspiriert
- NOS Röhre EF814k

The Bock 5ZERO7 is a new approach in high end microphone design for it combines new and old: a BRAND-NEW unique and patent pending elliptical capsule married to a VINTAGE inspired mic amplifier and power supply. Designed to be the ultimate in studio vocal microphones, the 5ZERO7 compares favorably to the best vocal microphones, past and present.

The  5ZERO7 microphone itself is a large body type, to give singers and  artists a familiar feel in the studio to vintage mics they know and  love. The fixed cardioid nature of the microphone guarantees it will  always be in its most popular setting without switches and other devices  to decrease long term reliability. The microphone sounds very big,  utilizing a carefully crafted proximity effect for that extra deep  intimacy preferred by artists and engineers alike. This sound is  expected to be especially popular on male vocalists but will be expected  to outperform most other mics on females as well. There will be a wide  variety of color available with distance, so this will increase it’s  flexibility. You will find that the 5ZERO7 brings something new to  voices, something unavailable in any other microphone, past or present,  at any price.

The Bock/Cardas Elliptical capsule can be fine tuned to more specific applications such as orchestra, etc.

The  new Bock/Cardas elliptical capsule design strives to resolve the  chronic in-band resonance issues of both large and small diaphragm  microphones. Round capsules have a relatively low frequency in band  resonance, typically around 1K. Small diaphragm mics usually have a much  higher in band resonance, typically about 15K or higher. The elliptical  capsule offers the best of both, avoiding the constant distance "edge  to center" of round capsules, reducing in band resonances dramatically  and expanding the application possibilities. The ZERO capsule also has  many conventional attributes such as the time tested 6 micron gold  sputtered diaphragm used in the BOCK 251 and edge termination design.  The capsule is hand built in very small quantities in Germany.

The  5ZERO7 also offers many other unique features. A large body microphone,  it uses a 3 layer headgrille to prevent moisture (and therefore dirt)  from becoming a continuing issue in the sound and long term life of the  capsule and microphone. A unique tube mic amplifier was designed of very  high gain, vintage 47 inspired, with David Bock hand selected parts. No  negative feedback or filtering is used in this microphone to affect  sound in any way. An extraordinary US handmade BOCK design four section  transformer is employed to complete the audio path.

The custom BOCK power supply is designed just for this microphone and  combines the best of the old with new and modern parts. It is a special  inductor based design, something not seen in modern production  microphones today. It offers the best combination of long term power,  low noise floor and high end mic sonic performance.
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