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7x-500 VIN
FET Compressor Module

- 500 Series FET Kompressor Modul
- Kraftvoller musikalischer Klang
- FET basierte Kompressor-Schaltung wie in den 60ern
- Variabler Mix-Regler für präzise Parallel-Kompression
- 3 Attack- und 3 Release-Zeiten
- Highpass Filter mit 2 Frequenzen
- 3 Ratios 4:1, 12:1 und 100:1 (All In)
- Echter Hardware Bypass
- Transformer-symmetrierter Output
- 20 LED Gain Reduction Meter
- 2 Skt. Vintage OPA1731 OpAmps

The 7X-500VIN "Vintage Edition" compressor packages the sound of one of the most popular compressors of all time into a convenient and remarkably affordable API 500 Series rack module. This late '60s-style FET compressor/limiter may be small, but it still manages to pack all of the useful functionality you could ask for inside. There's a a highpass sidechain filter in the 7X-500VIN, which lets you focus its response, and a mix knob lets you blend its wet and dry signals to taste. Overall, the 7X-500VIN is an amazing compressor for the money.

Simple controls make dialing in the perfect compression easy
Ever try to dial in compression and get immediately slammed with option anxiety? "Did that attack sound better a 20ms or 25ms?" It's a serious issue that can trip you up and ruin your workflow. Lindell gets around this problem elegantly with the 7X-500VIN, without robbing you of effective dynamics control. Instead of burdening you with knobs, you set the 7X-500VIN's attack, release, and ratio with simple yet effective 3-way switches. Wether you're trying to punch up a bass track or mellow out some vocals, the Lindell 7X-500VIN is the right tool for the job.

Mix control lets you crush your sound, without losing definition
Here's another common scenario: you're trying to get an absolutely MASSIVE kick sound, so you crush the living snot out of that track, and just when you've giving it all the umph you need, you realize that the transient from the beater's completely buried in the mix. Normally, that's when you give a profound sigh, zero out your compressor, and start over from scratch. 7X-500VIN compressor saves you that frustration with its mix control, allowing you to beef up your compression and the blend in the dry signal to bring back some of the original dynamics. So go ahead, set your 7X-500VIN to its 100:1 "all-in" mode and abuse your tracks. The mix function always brings you back to golden.

Highpass sidechain filter allows you to fine-tune your dynamics
Want to compress your snare sound, but the kick keeps pushing you over the threshold? No worries - the 7X-500VIN compressor's onboard highpass sidechain filter is ready to come to the rescue. With three settings to choose from (off, 100Hz, and 300Hz) it's easy to block out lows and reclaim your dynamics control. And best of all, you get all the benefits of sidechaining, without needing to patch external signal into your 7X-500VIN.
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