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Modular Console
8 - 32 Channel Analog Mixer
500 Series Slots in Input Channels

- 8, 16, 24 oder 32 Kanale Analog Mixer
- Input Channels mit je 2 500 Series Slots
- Diskrete Class A Schaltung, 100% Analoger Signalweg
- Fader von Alps
- 4 Aux Wege pro Kanal
- 2 Work Modes (Recording oder Mixing)
- 5 Summing Stereo Busse
- 2 500 Series Slots in Master Insert und Groups
- 3 Speaker Outputs
- Vollständige Monitor Sektion
- Externe Power Supply

LOOPTROTTER MODULAR CONSOLE is a perfect solution for all producers and engineers who already use 500s modules in their studios. It is fully customizable and compatible with almost every 500s module available on the market. The console was designed for ease of use and sized to fit modern recording facility. It can also be configured to an individual preference.
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