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RAM System 2000
Desktop Stereo Monitoring Controller
with Bluetooth Streaming Input

- Desktop Stereo Monitoring Controller
- Alle Funktionen mit beleuchteten Tastern schaltbar
- 3 Stereo Inputs, +4dBU (Input 3 auf -10dBV schaltbar)
- S/PDIF Digitalinput 24/192 mit Burr Brown Chip
- Bluetooth Streaming Input mit AAC, APTX & SBC Codecs
- 3 Stereo Outputs
- Unabhängiger Mix Output (Abgriff vor Masterfader)
- Subwoofer Output
- 64-stufiges Relais-Dämpfungssystem mit 1dB Rasterung
- 2 Pegel Presets für häufig verwendete Einstellungen
- Integriertes  Talkback Mikrofon für Cue und Mix
- 2 leistungsstarke Headphone Outputs
- Integrierte LED Pegelanzeige

The Heritage Audio RAM System 2000 is high-grade desktop Monitoring system for project studios and commercial recording facilities. It features extensive connectivity options, with three pairs of +4dBu balanced analog inputs and three stereo outputs with a shared subwoofer output, an independent pre-fader MIX OUT, independent stereo CUE I/O, a S/PDIF coax input, and pro-audio-quality Bluetooth input for easy mobile device integration. The two audiophile headphone amplifiers can drive any headphones without noise or coloration. The console-style Talkback with various routing option makes it easy to communicate with artists.

The RAM System 2000 relies on state-of-the-art analog circuitry for superior transparency and ultra-low noise and distortion. Employing gold plated relay switching throughout as the working principle - including a 64-step relay ladder attenuator system for the master level - it offers accuracy and sonics found on high-end large-format consoles. With its RAF-gray finish and prominent red Marconi knob the RAM System 2000 brings the classic look in every control room.
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