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16 into 2 Analog Summing Mixer

- 16 into 2 Analog Summing Mixer, 1/2 19" 1U
- 16 Stereo Inputs mit Level und Panorama
- Mono Schalter pro Kanal
- Mix Assign Schalter pro Kanal
- Master & Monitor Output mit Level Regler
- Breakout Box mit Mix A (PF) und Mix B Outputs
- Ideal als Keyboard Submixer

If you need more than simple summing, then you need the X.Sum.
The X.Sum is a 32 x 4 line mixer that can be used for external DAW summing or as a line mixer for synths, samplers, and effect returns. Any of the 16 stereo channels can be assigned to either the main stereo Mix output or the stereo Mix-B output.

The In's & Out's
Connect the X.Sum to virtually any line level source: balanced, unbalanced, transformer, or transformer-less. The  X.Sum has high headroom that will handle balanced signals up to +28dBu. All audio inputs and outputs are fully balanced and available on TRS connectors.

Looking a bit closer at the rear panel, you will notice a Multi-function I/O connector. This connection increases the functionailty of the X.Sum's inputs and outputs.

The X.Sum includes an external breakout box that adds connectors for the Mix-B outputs and "Pre" Mix-A outputs. The left/right "Pre" Mix-A outputs bypass the X.Sum's master section so you can use your own external preamps to add character and color to your mix.
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