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Sum Adjust LT
Digitally Controlled Summing Mixer

- 16 into 2 Analog Summing Mixer
- Remote Controlled und Total Recall mit VST/AAX Plug-In
- Pan Position (L/R/C) kontrolliert mit Relais
- Main Output bis zu 8dB Gain mit
- LED Ring Indikator für Master Sektion
- 2 Master Output mit 64 Step Relais
- Exzellente Audio Performance
- Frequenzgang von 1 Hz bis 100 kHz
- Aux Stereo Inputs zur Kaskadierung mehrerer Geräte

The Sum Adjust LT has the same core and the same high  quality audio features of his brother Sum Adjust Junior. His goal is to satisfy even professionals with smaller budgets without having to sacrifice the quality of their mix. Therefore, to reduce costs, attenuators for the input channels have been eliminated and an attenuator is only provided for the master output. However, the possibility to link the channels in the stereo bus remains. Sum Adjust LT  is therefore a summing amp with basic functions like its competitors but it has a big advantage over them. In fact, like its brother counterpart Sum Adjust “Junior” it has the digital control via VST/AAX plug-in and the ability to recall, the memory, the ease of use, the possibility of registration etc. Therefore programming and recalling settings of the bus can also be managed via a dedicated plug-in within your DAW. The Sum Adjust LT is a perfect complement to a larger machine, as the Sum Adjust Junior or other professional summing amps.
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