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NG500 1176-style Analog Compressor
with Digital Recall

- NG500 1176-type Kompressor Modul mit
- Digitaler Steuerung und Total Recall
- Carnhill Input und Output Transformator
- 4 Ratios und "All Buttons In" Mode
- Saturation Regler für Farbe und Charakter
- Kompatibel zu API 500 Series Racks
- Hardware A/B Vergleiche ohne Software möglich
- Total Recall und Steuerung mittels Plug-In
- Analoge Automation möglich
- Steuerung mit Frontpanel Mini USB oder _TITAN Rack
- Digitaler Sidechain aus DAW zuschaltbar

New implementation of a legend
Since year 1968 this style of compression dominated hundreds of recordings and to this day it is most commonly used signal processor in the industry. Lightning-fast attack and release times became main companions of audio engineers. WesAudio proudly presents _MIMAS – ng500 series implementation of legendary FET compressor. This time along with classic analog sound You will receive most demanded feature in audio industry – DIGITAL RECALL.

_MIMAS – Carnhill Transformers are foundation of its sound.
First and most important point – _MIMAS is fully balanced (IN/OUT) analog device with +24dBu of headroom. Regardless its digital control nature, fully analog signal path provides top FET compression sound.

Saturation Mode
ONE KNOB to add color and character to your tracks without using compression. Classic implementations of 1176 provide functionality to disable compression and still add color and character to signals. _MIMAS is no different, however instead of using INPUT and OUTPUT knobs to create desirable effect, You can do it with ONE knob, which configures amount of saturation affecting a signal.

500 Series and ng500 Series compatible
Regardless its extensions, _MIMAS is fully compatible unit with 500 series standard (*). Digital features can be enabled through front panel mini USB socket. ng500 – Next Generation 500 series is a physical extension to 500 series, which makes _MIMAS fully compatible with _TITAN frame – this allows to control all devices in chassis through one USB/Ethernet cable.

Hardware A/B
Even using _MIMAS as pure analog signal processor you can easily switch between two parallel settings with a magic of a simple buttons.

Total Recall and Plug-In Control
Along with classic analog compressor You receive most demanded feature in audio industry – TOTAL RECALL. Full plugin control through VST2/VST3/AU/AAX/AAX DSP – makes _MIMAS compatible with most, if not all major DAWs. Total integration with your beloved DAW will change your workflow forever!

Analog Automation
I’m sure all of us wanted to use different device settings based on song section. Now it is possible! Just draw automation lines in your DAW and your analog device will follow! And remember, you can use four touch sensitive encoders to record automation TO your DAW!
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