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Large Diaphgragm Condenser Microphone
Cardioid Pattern

- Grossmembran Kondesator Mikrofon
- Nieren Richtcharakteristik
- Singlemembran Mikrofonkapsel, wie bei C715
- Output Schaltung ohne Trafos, wie bei C716
- Class A Cascade FET Front End
- XLR Output
- Interner Shockmoung, Yoke Mikrofonmount

The C705 is a versatile studio microphone using alarge diameter, center-supported single diaphragm cardioid capsule derived from our C715, and the discrete FET cascode input circuit and symmetrical balancedtransformerless output circuit of the C716. The capsule, using a 5 micron gold-metallized diaphragm and precisionmachined internal surfaces, provides a smooth and very extended high end, and the enhanced proximity effect characteristic ofsingle-diaphragm mics. This combination provides a new range of control for vocal pickupwithout sibilance, with a variety of tone colors possible by careful selection of distance and angle to the microphone. It’s also excellent for detailed instrument pickup without the harshness typical of many large-diaphragm mics, and works well with a variety of preamps and input stages, due to its low output impedance.

The housing is made of case-hardened steel with a unique offset grille support structure that greatly reduces internal reflections. The entire capsule assemblyisinternally shockmounted,so the microphone can be attached directly to a stand through its yoke mount. The black finish from the hardening process is very rugged for long life in studio and stage applications.

The design of the C705 includes the best parts of several Josephson microphones, at a lower cost due to using acardioid-only capsule, asteel housing with a rugged industrial finish rather than a cosmetic plated finish on brass, and an output connector on the microphone body rather than an attached output cable.
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