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OST10 V2.0
500 Series 10 Slot Rack

- 500 Series 10 Slot Rack, 19" 3U, neue Version
- Link Funktion zur Verbindung einzelner Kanäle
- On Slot Technologie: Individuelle Power per Slot
- 400mA per Slot, 1.8A total (2.0A Peak), 140mA für P48
- Robustes Stahlgehäuse mit Alu-Frontblende
- Vergoldete XLR für Input und Output
- Robustes Stahlblechgehäuse
- Externe Stromversorgung

The OST-10 V2.0 500 series enclosure is designed for racking any and all 500-series modules and devices, including ‘double wide’ modules and even the most demanding class-A and vacuum tube designs. The OST-10 V2.0 enclosure features Heritage Audio’s On Slot Technology, providing maximum protection, filtering, and isolation to each channel. While most 500-series enclosures on the market have a relatively simple power supply design essentially feeding every channel in parallel, each channel of the OST-10 V2.0 enclosure has its own power supply for each channel, individually regulated and isolated from the rest. This ensures that every 500-series module installed will perform at its peak potential, and that no ‘power hungry’ or even a faulty module will compromise the performance of another. In addition to reducing interference, many 500-series devices actually exhibit lower self-noise and better performance when racked in the OST-10MK2 enclosure, specially mic preamps.

An exciting feature in the V2.0 model is the Link feature, allowing each channel to be linked over to the next at the push of a button (via back panel), no patch cables required!

As with all Heritage Audio products; the 500 Series OST-10 V2.0 enclosures are built utilizing the most cutting edge methods in manufacturing and design, without ever compromising audio quality or cutting corners — all at the Heritage Audio headquarters in Spain.
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