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UBK Tweaker
Mono Sidechain Shaping Compressor

- Mono Kompressor mit Sidechain Shaping
- VCA Kompressorstufe
- 6 Position Sidechain Shaper
- Attack-, Release- und Curve-Regler
- LED Trimeter für Output Level und Gain Reduction
- Contour Regler für Verhältnis HF und LF Kompression
- Bypass-Schalter mit Relais
- Wet/Dry- & Output-Regler
- VCA Drive Schaltung

Vintage sound, modern control

Tweaker takes compression to the next level. Its vintage, discrete VCA and bespoke detector are married to envelope-pushing controls that allow this box to be whatever you want it to be: smooth & polished or dark & filthy, subtle & delicate or fierce & explosive.

To achieve such extremes, Tweaker stretches and expands the range and function of its traditional compressor controls, then breaks new ground with a radical and innovative ‘Sidechain Shaper’ section. With simultaneous Tri-Metering™ of Input/Output/Gain Reduction levels, Single or Dual-stage Release, Wet/Dry Mix, and a unique ‘Curve’ control that sharpens the knee as the ratio is increased, Tweaker is an old soul with a post-modern brain.

Tweaker sports 8 hi-torque 21-step pots for precision matching & recall; we leveraged this design to give you ‘ubk analog presets’ which precisely emulate several advanced tricks from compressors as varied as the LA-2a*, Distressor*, API 2500*, even the absurdly eccentric Valley People Dynamite*.

This expansion of the classic, coupled with the introduction of the cutting edge, enable this box to create a wider array of effects than any other compressor in existence.

Whatever your vision, Tweaker delivers.
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