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16 Channel SuperAnalogueTM Mixer

- 16 Kanal SuperAnalogueTM Mixer
- 8x Dual Input Mono Line Kanäle, 16 für Mixdown
- 8x Insert Send/Returns auf Kanälen
- Stereo Cue und 2 Mono Aux Sends
- Kaskadierbar mit weiteren X-Desks oder X-Rack
- Eingebautes Talkback
- Dim & Cut Schalter
- Main und Alternate Stereo Monitor Outputs
- SSL Stereo Mix Bus mit Summing und Inserts
- 2x Stereo Returns mit Level und Panorama
- iJack Frontpanel Input
- Interne Stromversorgung
- 19" Rackwinkel im Lieferumfang

Built from the same SuperAnalogue™ DNA as our AWS, Duality and Matrix consoles, we are proud to deliver the X-Desk.

X-Desk brings benchmark audio performance to the compact mixer format, meeting the demand for a world class, compact SSL mixing desk. X-Desk combines a 16 channel SSL SuperAnalogue™ summing mixer with a compact analogue monitoring hub for your studio. Small enough to be easily transported, X-Desk fulfills the essentials of the audio mixing process, with typical SSL attention to detail, including smooth 100mm faders, comprehensive artist & studio monitoring with Dim & Cut buttons, Stereo and Mono Aux sends, channel and Master Bus Inserts and accurate bar graph level metering.

For easy integration into your existing studio, X-Desk can be used as an elegant and and ergonomically refined desktop mixer with removable rack ears for standard 19" rack mounting (7U space required). Like all SSL SuperAnalogue™ products, it is extremely robust, hand-built in the UK with an all metal chassis and high quality controls and components. Up to eight X-Desks or X-Desk & X-Rack combinations can be cascaded via D-Sub connection to expand up to 160 inputs on mixdown.
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