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Passive Stereo Monitor Controller

- Passiver Desktop-Monitoring-Controller
- Klassisches Konsolendesign
- Inspiriert von bewähren Master Sektionen
- Keine Klangfärbung danke passivem Design
- Transparentes Klangbild
- Perfekte Stereoabbildung mit 24-stufigem Drehschalter
- Keine Stromversorgung nötig
- 2 Stereo Inputs und 2 Stereo Outputs
- Mute-, DIM- und Mono-Schalter

Heritage Audio's Baby RAM is a boutique, passive-circuit monitor controller inspired by classic European console designs. Baby RAM is the ultimate controller for total transparency - a zero-compromise signal path, paired with a simplified control set keeps both your monitors and your ears where you need them.

Baby RAM features a 4 gang, 24 step rotary switch for volume as opposed to cheaper stereo potentiometers, which means the precision of your stereo signal is perfect on every position! Baby RAM also has no insertion loss, meaning that there’s no extra coloration or signal loss at any settings.

Complex design with simplified workflow.
Baby RAM might pack a zero-compromise circuit design, but it couldn’t be any easier to use: 2 stereo -pair inputs and outputs — both balanced and ground free (unbalanced compatible) on gold plated TRS jacks, and Mute, Dim, Mono, and Volume monitoring controls  make Baby RAM a breeze to work with. And with it’s passive design, it also means you have no concerns with bad power supplies, as no supply is needed!

Baby RAM is built with the most cutting edge methods in manufacturing and design, without ever compromising audio quality or cutting corners - all at the Heritage headquarters in Spain.
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