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Stereo Tube Microphone Preamplifier

- Stereo Röhren Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Gain von +10 bis +70dB in 2dB Steps
- Pad Schaltung -20dB vor Input Transformator
- Phantom Power, Phase Reverse
- Impedanzwahl 600, 1200 oder 2400 Ohms
- Lowcut Schalter 40 Hz
- Frontpanel Direct Input
- Frequenzgang von 5 Hz - 60 kHz

The new Tube-Tech MP2A Microphone preamplifier/DI is based on our classic MP1A but features improved fidelity and new features. MP2A is the second in the new range of upgraded microphone preamplifier/DI's.(The modular PM1A was the first.) These new preamps features even higher headroom and fidelity than the earlier Tube-Tech micpre's.

Serious listening tests of the MP2A immediately shows a sound quality second to none and places the preamp amongst a handful of the worlds very best designs.

MP2A features an impedance switch to perfectly match the input to all different types of microphones, including the increasing amount of popular ribbon mic's. The impedance switch furthermore opens up several creative possibilities in changing the character of the MP2A input. Gain is adjustable in 2 dB steps. Overload is now indicated with a red LED.

The MP2A DI carries on the tradition of the very good sounding Tube-Tech DI's and delivers even better quality for Bass and Guitar DI recording. A DI input simply doesn't get any better than this (Tube Tech) !
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