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8 Channel Analog Output Rack

- Analog Output Rack, 19" 1U
- 16 symmetrische TRS Jacks in Paaren
- Ideal für 8 Wireless In Ear Stereo-Kanäle
- Output ID mit Indikator LED
- Einfaches Setup an Personal Mixern

The DA-816 output rack unit is for connecting to wireless in-ear transmitters, powered monitors or powered house speakers. The DA-816 connects to the MIX-16 or MIX-32 via shielded CAT5e network cable. Each DA-816 provides eight stereo TRS outputs. The DA-816 provides stereo balanced outputs for 8 personal mixes. Flexible SoftRoute™ mix assignments and test tone capabilities, make for quick setup. Front panel LEDs indicate a personal mix is assigned to one or more of the outputs. When the Output ID feature is enabled and an output is selected, the front panel LED illuminates and a test tone is sent to the output.
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