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DL241 / DL241 XLR
Dual Audio Compressors

- Stereo Auto-Kompressoren
- TRS- oder XLR Inputs und Outputs
- Auto Attack und Auto Release
- Programmabhängiges Gate/Expander
- Peak-Level-Schaltung
- Zero Response Time-Schaltung
- Zero Overshoot Schaltung
- LED Bargraph Metering
- Stereokoppelung

The introduction of the Drawmer DL241 Dual Channel 'Auto-Compressor' highlights the beginning of a new generation of dynamic processors which set new standards of sonic excellence. Its combination of features, displays and well designed control functions make it an outstanding product for a vast range of broadcast, sound reinforcement, and recording applications. The DL241 'Auto-Compressor' incorporates many automatic functions allowing the engineer to achieve optimum results in the minimum set up time but does not compromise skilled users with limited controls. Its sophisticated design produces a smooth, transparent and warm sonic performance.
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