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Stereo FET Compressor Module

- 500 Series Stereo FET Kompressor Modul
- Benötigt 2 Slots im 500er Rack
- Kraftvoller musikalischer Klang
- FET basierte Kompressor-Schaltung wie in den 60ern
- Variabler Mix-Regler für präzise Parallel-Kompression
- Variable Attack- und Release-Zeiten
- Highpass Filter mit 2 Frequenzen
- 3 Ratios 4:1, 12:1 und 100:1 (All In)
- Echter Hardware Bypass
- Transformer-symmetrierte Outputs
- 20 LED Gain Reduction Meters
- 4 Skt. Vintage OPA1731 OpAmps

Functioning as an updated stereo version of our 7X-500 compressor and geared toward mix and drum buss duties, the 77X-500 500 Series Stereo Compressor provides the same 1176-style compression as its mono counterpart in linked or unlinked stereo modes. Additionally, it gives you variable attack and release knobs. Like the 7X-500, it provides 3 selectable ratios and a high-pass sidechain filter that assure your bass frequencies will pass through the compressor unchanged. A wet/dry knob allows for parallel-style compression, while gain reduction metering is provided via dual LED arrays. All of the unit’s FET transistors are matched for stereo control.
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