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Studio Microphone Amplifiers

- Röhren Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Basiert auf berühmter V72s Mischpult-Kassette
- Gain von 28 bis 58dB in 3dB Steps
- 16 oder 28dB Pad-Schaltung
- Phantom Power- & Phase Reverse-Schalter
- Frontpanel Direct Input
- XLR In und Out auf Backpanel
- Trafosymmetrierte Inputs und Outputs

The new Mercury M72s [Mk. III] is our flagship, valve Studio Microphone Amplifier. The M72s is based on the most sought after vintage amplifier module—the Telefunken/Siemens V72s—which is most famous for being installed in REDD.37 consoles, used on all the early Beatles recordings by George Martin at Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

You may notice the new Mercury M72s was stripped of a few vintage inspired, aesthetic extras of the MK II [which is still available as the M72s-CSV, custom shop version] but is still loaded with the same exact tone and warmth utilizing the same exact circuit, same quality parts and same transformers we have used since we started building the first M72s at Mercury Recording Equipment.

The Mercury M72s is based on the module used in consoles which are very rare due to a minimal amount made. The more common V72 amplifier modules (not marked with the lower case s, i.e. V72s) were later modified and have been sold for many years as outboard preamplifiers all over the world. Neither of these amplifier modules have been available new for more than 50 years. So, working units have become extremely rare, very expensive and in some cases are now in need of much repair. Regardless of cost, the uniquely musical tonal characteristics of these amplifiers has made them the prized possession of many engineers lucky enough to get the vintage modules, and a "secret weapon" for many studio musicians.

Mercury Recording Equipment is proud to have a faithful reproduction in the M72s. We have 20+ years of experience with the amplifiers and feel we have captured not only how the units behave, but how they sound overall. We are confident with the addition of modern features, making the M72s much more versatile, without sacrificing the most important feature: Musicality.

FAQ: Mercury M72s vs. M76m, Whats the difference?

The Mercury M72s is warm and punchy. The M72s has a thick bottom end, a great push in the mid range and a open airy top end. The M72s performance is great on vocals, bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars as well as room and overhead applications.

The M76m is warm, open and airy. Compared to the M72s, the M76m is overall more evenly "EQ'd", meaning there is not a push in the low or mids. The M76m shines on vocals, bass and guitars, giving you an amazing control to shape the amplifier's tone. Also, the M76m opens up your room and overhead mics. With 70dB (+/-) of total gain and the choice between high and low input impedance—ribbon mics love the M76m.

The M72s has 28dB to 58dB with -16 and -28dB input pad, and the M76m has nearly 70dB, with 60dB input gain, plus level control and low impedance selected (+6dB).
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