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Passive Equalizer Module

- 500 Series Pultec Equalizer Modul
- Benötigt 2 Slots im 500er Rack
- Schaltung basiert auf legendärem EQP1A
- High EQ Boost mit 11 Frequenzen
- Low EQ Boost & Low EQ Cut mit 5 Frequenzen
- Vintage OPA1731 OpAmp
- Handgewickelter Induktor
- Alle Controls mit Drehschaltern ausgeführt
- Echter Hardware Bypass

The PEQ-510A is our affectionate take on the original classic American EQP1 program equalizer, built for API's popular 500-series format.

The module is capable of smooth highs and a dauntingly vast low-end. Real hardware bypass allows for robust A/B testing, whilst goldplated PCB internals make for a clean and highly professional sound. In addition to this, all rotary controls have been stepped to ensure ease of settings-recall and to cater for mastering applications.
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