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Mono Opto Compressor Module

- Mono Opto Kompressor Modul
- Diskretes Transistor Design
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output
- Cinemag Input, Custom Interstage & Output Trafos
- Echte T4B Opto Zelle
- Infamous Modus erhöht S/N Ratio
- Hard Bypass mittels Relais
- Stereolink Schalter
- HF Sidechain Boost für De-Essing
- Kompressor/Limiter Modus
- Sifam VU Meter

Faithfully replicating the vintage LA3A design, The Serpent Chimera brings the classic Opto sound to 500 series format.  Featuring an all discrete circuit design, Orange Drop and Elna capacitors, full steel enclosure & cover, class AB transistor output, true T4B optical cell, and transformer balanced input & output, the Chimera delivers the thick, rich, & smooth opto compression sound that you’re looking for.

All units are made in the USA to an exceptional level of craft and workmanship.
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