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Epsilon 32-500
32 Channel Analog Summing Mixer

- 32 Kanal Analog Summing Mixer, 19" 3U
- 3 Summing Modes: 500 Modules, Kahayan oder ext. Bus
- 2 Main Outs und Master Insert
- Master Fader und Stereo Pre-Fader Insert
- Erste 8 Kanäle mit Insert und Panorama
- 32 Inputs auf 4x DB25
- 2 Slots für 500 Series Summing Mode
- Erster Summing Mixer mit 500 Series Modulen

First summing mixer that allows you to use 500 series modules

Summing by MODULE:  By bundle the Epsilon 32-500 has included the SOLID 4000 - 500 series modules.  Also you can use any 500 series preamps.

Summing by KAHAYAN system​: Always included in our systems, it is extremely clear, transparent and open in the stereo image.

External Bus Summing: The signal does not pass through any active circuit  and has a drop of about -34 db thus must connect our EPSILON EXPANSION or a preamp of two channels to enhance the output level. In this way, it is added with the color of the previous contribution. Here we open up infinite possibilities in color, timbre and response; You can introduce pre-valves, the latest generation of discrete concept, etc.

Expansions for passive summing modes
For all the Epsilon summing Mixer users (Studio, 32-500, I and II) here we have our classic expansion. All you just need is connect this expansion unit in your Epsilon  Passive (External) insert and move the key summing mode to Passive (External).

Solid 4000: If you are looking the for Classic Solid British Console Sound, your final option is the Solid 4000 Expansion. Also availale as 500 series module.

Vintage 12K72: If you are looking for the Classic 70s British Console Sound, your final optio is the Vintage 12K72 Expansion.
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