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SLAM! Mastering
Stereo Line Amplifier,
FET & Optical Limiter

- Mastering Version von SLAM!
- Stereo Line Verstärker
- FET und ELOP Brickwall Limiters
- Mehr Ratio-Einstellungen
- Neue FET Betriebsarten
- Neue Mastering-Pegel Steuerung
- Rasterung mit Relais und 0.5dB Steps
- Frequenzgang von 10 Hz bis 60 kHz
- Manley Input & Output Transformatoren
- Sidechain Inputs für FET & Opto Limiter
- VU und LED Pegel-Anzeigen
- Robuste externe Stromversorgung

The SLAM! also seems a natural as a mastering tool. The FET limiter works great on mixes, and the ELOP® now has a high pass filter switch that is spot-on for mastering. We offer a dedicated mastering version which eliminates the mic preamps, adds detented controls replacing the pots, and provides extra metering options. Manley compressors and EQs seem to be the most popular pieces of gear ever when it comes to mastering. The ultimate analog rack for the final important touches to the mix would have include the SLAM!, The Variable Mu® and The Massive Passive. Combine this with some digital processors of similar calibre and one has a respectable and very effective set of mastering tools. That Manley rack plus some Manley Microphones would make an ultimate stereo recording chain too. This is gear you’ll want to keep for a lifetime.
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