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micKing® 3300
Microphone Boom Stand

- Heavyweight Mikrofonständer 10.5 kg
- Heavyweight Sockel mit Rollen 14 kg
- 3-teiliger Teleskop-Ständer 120 - 340cm
- 3-teiliger Mikrofon-Arm 140 - 315cm
- Spin Grip Mikrofon Mount
- Extrem starke Kupplung
- Gegengewicht 3 kg

The micKing 3300 is the original micKing boom stand featuring the  world's strongest boom clutch in its class, unique patented base, Spin  Grip Mic Mount, movable counterweight and revolutionary lever lock  adjustment systems. The micKing 3300 covers the entire spectrum of mic  applications, shining primarily in the choral and orchestral world which  often necessitate long reach both horizontally and vertically. With a  mast at 10 feet and a boom at 10 feet as well, they are capable of  combining to an impressive 20 foot height in its vertical configuration.  Yet with these long lengths both the boom and mast are capable of  compacting down to nearly 3 feet! The 3300 isn't for everyone, but when  your need long-reach stability in a small footprint, it is exactly what  you've been searching for.

Why the World's Strongest?
Our patented boom clutch features nearly 16 square inches of  clamp-able surface area.  That's more than any other mic stand on the  market!  This impressive surface area provides the maximum coefficient  of friction for that unstoppable hold that micKing booms are so well  known for.

Lever Lock System
Quick and simple adjustments throughout the entire stand. These  locks ensure, hands down, the strongest hold possible with the least  amount of frustration. You can even customize their tension to your  precise needs!

Highly Efficient Footprint
Our unique patented bases don’t only have the most efficient  placement of weight; they can be positioned within each other for great  space saving storage.

Counter Weights
Our ultra flexible counter weight system can be positioned anywhere on the boom. They can even be removed when not necessary.
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