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- Operationsverstärker
- Direktersatz für API 2520 OpAmps
- Blue Dot für modernen, cleanen Klang
- Red Dot für Vintage Charakter

SL-2520 -  Two versions of the SL-2520 were designed as replacement opamps for vintage  console restoration. The vintage or “red dot” version is built to match the  Huntingtonand Melville NY opamps from the 70’s. The clean, or “blue dot”  version, is made to sound like the newer 2520 opamps.

The original intent for making two versions was to use the colored vintage  opamps, in console mic pres, and the cleaner versions in the summing amps of  vintage consoles.

Since then, many SL-2520’s have found their way into numerous  DIY projects, EQ’s and even newer Legacy consoles. A great number of SL-2520’s  are in use everyday in major market studio consoles including Nashville and New  York.

Some customers have mixed 2 clean channels and 2 colored channels in  multiple channel mic-pre’s to take advantage of different sonic characteristics  within the same circuitry of a mic pre.

Upgrades - The SL-2520’s utilize the same circuit as the highly desirable vintage opamps  from the 70’s but with modern components. (The original transistors are no  longer manufactured) Modern transistors are generally quieter and faster than  their vintage counterparts.

Through exhaustive lab and listening tests, I was  able to match the distortion characteristics of the vintage and modern opamps to  achieve a sound that has been deemed “indistinguishable” from the originals by  vintage console owners.

“I chose Scott's amplifiers for our API console because they are  indistinguishable from the vintage originals. I also like the fact that they are  not potted, and will dissipate heat more efficiently. Scott provides our  replacement amps quickly and at a good price.

Richard McLaurin
Sl-2520’s are purposely unpotted for better heat  dissipation and to allow  repairs if ever needed
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