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Mono Channel Strip

- Mono Channel Strip mit Preamp, DI, EQ, Kompressor
- Schnelle und musikalische Transimpedanz Schaltung
- Audioweg mit präzisen 0.5% Metallfilmwiderständen
- 12 Position Gain Drehschalter mit vergoldetem Relais
- Ribbon Mic Mode, auch für dynamische Mikrofone
- Präziser 3 Band EQ
- High und Low Shelfing EQs, vollparametrische Mitten
- Neu entwickelter Opto Kompressor
- Mic Amp Direct Output
- EQ/Kompressor Sektion Line Input
- Hi-Z Input mit vergoldetem Relais
- Interne Stromversorgung
- LED Anzeigen für +48V, Ribbon Mode und HPF
- 10 Segment Meter für Gain Reduction und Output Level

The m103 starts with the tried and true m101 microphone preamplifier circuity. For many engineers, the m101 is an introduction to what quality mic preamplification is all about, and the perfect starting point for a channel strip – musical, transparent and pure.  Headroom, detail, clarity – its all there. Complete with our exclusive ribbon mic mode, a 75Hz HPF and 48V phantom.

The 3 band EQ section is built around single stage parallel tuning architecture, which minimizes circuitry and delivers natural tonal shaping from 20Hz to 20kHz. Controls include a fully parametric mid, with sweepable high and low bands which can be operated in shelving or peak modes. Because of its accuracy of this design, smaller increments of cut or boost can be heard, providing a greater level of control over tone shaping.

The compressor circuit is based on an optical attenuator - the purest, high fidelity gain control mechanism available. It provides gentle limiting to fairly heavy compression, while remaining neutral and transparent. The perfect way to zip it all up and send it downstream - clean, intact and alive.

10 segment gain reduction and output meters make  monitoring compression and output levels simple. The front panel accessed HI-Z input makes this an amazingly high quality instrument preamp. Comprehensive I/O options allow the mic pre and EQ/COMP sections to be accessed independently of each other, and the order of the EQ/COMP is switchable.

A dual function link/ sidechain input on rearpanel is provided for inserting external sidechain signals (for de-essing, ducking) or connecting two m103's together for stereo compression applications. Predictably, the m103 is built to last, and proudly backed by our 5 year transferable warranty. So there it is, we’ve done it. The m103 - a channel strip by name, a powerful tool by design.

Check out a track which features m103's on overheads and electric guitars.
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