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RZ062 Equalizer
Klangfilm Equalizer Plug-In

- 2 Klangfilm RZ062 Equalizer Plug-Ins
- VST, AAX, AU, iLok required
- RZ062A Plug-In mit 650 Hz Central Point
- RZ062B Plug-In mit 4 Presence Frequenzen
- L/R- und M/S-Modes
- Röhren Saturation mit präziser Schaltung
- Stereo-Link

Both RZ062 plug-ins deliver pleasant vintage warmth and amazing presence to your vocals, instruments and entire mixes.

The RZ062a and RZ062b modules differ in the function of the central knob. In the a-module, the middle handle rotates the entire frequency curve around the central point (650 Hz). When the bass frequencies are raised, the trebles are simultaneously lowered.

The b-module is even more complicated. Its presence knob lets you choose one of four frequencies (1.4, 2, 2.8 and 4 kHz) and adjust their gain at the same time. This parameter helps your sonic material to cut through very gently and sensitively.

The Original
The RZ062 Equalizers were designed in Germany almost 60 years ago for installation in mixing consoles, together with the U73b compressors and other ingenious valve-based modules of that time. They were used in European studios to perform modification of frequency characteristics of the recorded sound, in order to eliminate undesired studio acoustics. But their complex valve circuits bring something much more interesting than just basic equalization: The incredibly subtle colouring of the sound,which is so highly valued in modern recording projects. Nowadays, these 6 lbs 300 V powered units are extremely rare. Due to their inaccessibility and remarkable sound, their price climbs to over $12.000 per pair. But thanks to our precise circuit modelling technique, these gems can return to your projects. We have modelled the equalizer circuits and we have also added some components from the original consoles, for instance, meters and gain controls.

The Model
To create these amazing plug-ins we had to emulate more than 200 circuit components. That includes 3 triodes, input and output transformers. It is not just any other circuit but a precise and accomplished piece of work with great attention to detail. Each part has its own thoughtful purpose. For RZ062 we used so called, “white box modeling“. We described the whole circuit with complex mathematical equations based on the circuit analysis.

In use
RZ062‘s place is everywhere where extra bass, treble or presence is needed whilst improving the overall colour, smoothness, and tightness of the sonic material. RZ062 is incredible on vocals, bass or acoustic instruments. But due to the advanced controls – the independent left/right channels tweaking or mid/side operation - the main purpose of the RZ062 EQs is top-quality mastering.