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STX 500
Mono 2 Band Passive Equalizer Module

- Mono 2 Band Passive Equalizer Modul
- Schaltung aus Spectra Sonics 101 Amplifier
- Zusatzmodul für STX 100 Vorverstärker
- Funktioniert nur mit STX 100, kein Solobetrieb
- Bandpass für beide Bänder
- 4 Frequenzen High Band
- 4 Frequenzen Low Band
- Max. Gain/Cut +/-12dB, in 2dB Steps
- Doppeldrehschalter für Frequenz und Level

The STX 500 is the rebirth of the Model 500 2-band passive equalizer. The STX 500 has four frequency selections per band and up to 12dB of boost/cut in 2dB increments. This passive EQ becomes the active feedback element of the STX 100 amplifier. Combined with the STX 100 there is zero insertion loss and introduces virtually zero distortion when boosting or cutting.

Each band also features an individual bypass. High frequency centers are 2.5KHz, 5KHz, 10KHz, and 15Khz. Low frequency centers are 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, and 15KHz. Perfect curves evoke the feeling of classic recordings with every knob turn.

PLEASE NOTE: The STX 500 is designed to connect directly to the STX 100 preamp. The STX 500 has no VPR edge connector of its own to plug into an API-style rack. Therefore it cannot be used in a standalone configuration.
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