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Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon

- Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon
- 9 Patterns wählbar auf PSU
- 34mm goldbedampfte Mylar Kapsel
- Metall Popschutz anschraubbar
- 80 Hz High Pass Filter
- Pad-Schalter -10dB
- Kommt mit Shockmount, Kabel, PSU, Holzbox
- Auslieferung in Tweed Koffer, abschliessbar
- Ideal für Vocals, Popschutz inklusive

The Avantone BV-1 is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. The design, character and performance is comparable to some of the finest vintage tube mics of the 1950's and 1960's...but at a fraction of their cost!

The Avantone Buttercream (B-Series) mics are designed to offer premium professional performance. They will meet or surpass the performance and specifications of much higher prices mics. As always, we strive to offer true valbue at every price point and invite sonic comparisons to higher priced mics.
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