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Model 14B
Mono Variable Mu Tube Compressor

- Mono Variable Mu Röhren Kompressor
- Vintage-Design, von Hand verdrahtet
- Side Chain Filter von 70 - 350 Hz
- Variable Attack & Release
- Ratio 4:1 oder 10:1
- Cinemag Input & Interstage Transformatoren
- Custom Output Transformator
- E6B8, 12AY7 und 2x 6V6s Röhren in Schaltung
- Schweres Stahl Chassis, Frontpanel-Öffnung
- Von Hand gebaut in Saint Louis, USA

The Sound of Classic Analog Tube Compression
Locomotive Audio's single channel 14B compressor and limiter is based on a very old, but still very exciting concept of rebiasing the input tube with a sidechain control voltage. After all, some of the most famous compressors in history, such as the Fairchild 670, Gates Sta-Level and Collins 26U, employed this very technique. The results are a sound that cannot be replicated with other ways of gain reduction. The Locomotive Audio 14B and its added modern features allow it to achieve a unique sound in its own right. Starting with the semi-remote cutoff 6BC8 tube, a 12AY7 then drives two powerful push-pull 6V6 output tubes. The 14B is quite a versatile unit, with the ability to run soft and gentle or hard and aggressive. A sidechain low cut control offers even more flexibility, especially when used on the mixbus and linked with another 14B. This versatile unit can be used on all kinds of source material including vocals, drums, guitars, bass, piano and horns. With its high quality Cinemag input and interstage transformers, the 14B has the ability to define mid-range clutter and control the peaks at the same time. Any material run through this unit will be enhanced, even when not compressing.
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