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Stereo Mic Preamp, DI, FET Compressor

- Stereo Mikrofon Vorverstärker mit DI Input
- Nachgeschalteter FET Kompressor mit Stereo-Link
- Maximum Gain 60dB, Max. Make-Up Gain 19dB
- Parallel Kompression
- Einfach und schnell einsetzbar

The F200 is a two channel microphone preamplifier and a two channel FET compressor with Stereo link capability. The mic-pre and compressor are connected in series. The output mixer allows the user to simply mix the mic-pre and the compressor ouputs. This mimics old-school fader blending of the compressed and uncompressed signals and can also be used to add a little “drive” if the input levels are turned up and the output levels are turned down. The mic-pre section features a switchable 20dB pad, a low-cut filter, phase reversal and P48 phantom power. The  maximum gain of the mic-pre is +60 dB, the minimum gain with pad activated is 0dB. The high impedance Direct Input (DI) is compatible with balanced and unbalanced signals, which doubles as a convenient  front panel spare input.

The FET compressor section features rotary controls for Attack Time, Release Time, and Compression Ratio, as well as a Stereo link switch. The F200 functions perfectly at line levels with the mic-pre gain turned down, so it can be used as a normal stereo compressor. You can still  use some of the available gain and low cut filter for some creative  madness.

Either the compressor gain reduction or the output level can be displayed through the VU-Meter. There is also a “Clip” Led for the mic-pre that turns on at +24 dBu output levels.

The parts quality and build are first-rate. It provides professional performance and rather excellent specifications for all budgets. The  F200 is easy to use, streamlines the work-flow plus has some rather cool creative potential and it just sounds better.
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