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Kapsel für drahtlose Vocal Mikrofone

- Mikrofonkapsel für drahtlose Systeme
- Frequenzgang von 30 Hz bis 40 kHz
- Von Hand kalibriert und getestet
- Für alle Sender mit 31 + 1mm Schraubanschluss
- Detailgetreuer und realistischer Vocal-Sound
- Kein oder fast kein EQ oder Effekt nötig
- Speziell gegen 500 MHz und 2.4 GHz geschützt
- Mehr Gain bevor Feedback als vergleichbare Kapseln
- Gute Wiedergabe auch bei grösserem Einsprechabstand

Funktioniert mit Systemen folgender Hersteller:
Lectrosonics: HH
Line 6: XD-V55, XD-V75
Shure: LX2, PGX2, SLX2, T2, U2, UC2, ULX2, UR2, UT2
Sony: DWM-02, ZTX-M01

Engineered to deliver studio quality performance to the wireless  world, the hand-tuned WL40V features fast impulse response, wide  frequency response and high SPL handling. It excels at distance capture,  making it ideal for broadcast, corporate, and live performance  applications.

Its near-perfect hypercardioid polar response and 30Hz-40kHz extended  flat frequency response translate to a natural on and off-axis  performance coupled with benchmark levels of sonic clarity and presence.  The capsule’s ultra-fast impulse response delivers a highly accurate  reproduction of the nuanced details of vocals.

Interchangeable with any screw-on-type handheld transmitters that  receive a 31.3mm/pitch 1.0mm threading, the electret-based WL40V works  with transmitters from Lectrosonics®, Line 6®, Shure® and Sony®. Its  circuitry has been specifically hardened for use with 2.4GHz wireless  systems, which frequently exhibit noise with electret-based capsules,  making it an ideal replacement capsule for those systems.
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