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Tilt n Bands
Stereo Tube 3 Band Equalizer

- Stereo 3 Band Röhren Equalizer, 19" 3U
- Vintage Schaltung
- 3 wählbare Frequenzen pro Band
- High & Low Band +/-10dB, Mid Band +/-9dB
- Tilt EQ Band bei ca. 523 Hz (C5) +/-10dB
- Input Trim +/-5dB, Hardwire Bypass
- 4 Röhren pro Kanal im Einsatz
- Magic Eye Metering
- Für Mixing und Mastering

Full tube mastering and mixing equalizer
Once when I was a little boy, I heard my uncle's equalizer which he built into his stereo. The sound was incredible. I still remember it to this day. Three potentiometers gave it a sound that I'd never heard before. I couldn't stop listening to the sound that his compact player made.

My uncle Chris
I asked my uncle for the diagram and he drew it with a pencil on a piece of paper. I quickly learned the schematic by heart and as an electronic engineer amateur, I have repeatedly built the hi-fi amplifiers using the schematic. The EQ sounded implausible each time.

After many years
After many years I decided to make a studio device based on my uncle's schematic. I improved the arrangement by adding a transformer balanced tube stage. The Tilt turned out to be a cool addition too. This vintage circuit is very useful in any mastering application. I hope, you will feel the vibe of my uncle's old radio equalizer.

I hope, you will feel the vibe of my uncle's old radio equalizer.
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