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Microphone Preamplifier & 4 Band EQ Module

- Mono Mikrofon Vorverstärker und EQ Modul
- Der Original 1081 von Sir Rupert Neve (Class AB)
- Von Hand gebaut in Englang wie im 1972
- 5 Equalizer Bänder
- High Pass & Low Pass Filters
- Solo Button für Channel unbalanced Output
- Beide Inputs trafosymmetriert und erdungsfrei
- Mikrofon Input Gain +80dB bis +10dB in 5dB Steps
- Line Input Gain +20dB bis -10dB in 5dB Steps
- 2 Slot und 8 Slot Racks optional

Classic Microphone Preamplifier and Equalizer
A glance through the credits on today’s platinum-selling albums reveals that these vintage consoles are still widely used to great  effect, confirming the 1081’s status as a truly classic component in a recording front-end or mixing environment. We are still hand-building 1081 modules in Burnley, UK much the same way as the original modules, using the original components, hand-wound transformers, and time-honed construction methods.

The 1081 provides remarkable sensitivity, fast and musical response  to transients, plus inimitable Neve equalization featuring effective  high- and low-pass filters designed to separate unwanted signal outside the passband. This gives users a flexible tool with which to shape new sounds and control any part of the audio spectrum. The curves and slopes have been carefully tailored to enable users to exercise maximum  technical and artistic skill.

Over three decades of engineers have found the 1081 an indispensable tool for recording and mixing drums, bass and percussion. As with all Neve outboard gear, users are assured the highest quality signal acquisition, thanks to uncompromising Class AB circuitry, hand-wound Neve-designed transformers, and unrivalled attention to every last component and construction detail.
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