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Stereo Tube VCA Compressor & Limiter

- Stereo Röhren VCA Kompressor & Limiter
- Röhren Push-Pull Verstärker Design
- Nutzt Röhre als VCA (Variable Mu)
- Kompressor & Limiter pro Kanal
- In/Out Relais ohne Clicks
- Potentiometer aus Konduktiv Plastik
- Vergoldete Schalter
- Trafosymmetrierte Inputs und Outputs
- Variable Threshold, Attack & Release
- Variables Ratio von 1.6:1 bis 20:1
- 6 Presets (Fairchild) oder manueller Betrieb

The LCA 2B is an all-tube VCA compressor/limiter with two independent, linkable channels. LCA2B is a true TUBE VCA compressor, using a tube as the VCA.( Voltage controlled amplifier.) This kind of compressor is also known as a Vari Mu compressor. LCA 2B is extremely versatile, and it works equally well on vocals, instruments and as a bus compressor. Due to its very fast and smooth attack it is also perfect for drums and percussion.

LCA2B is designed to be the TUBE-TECH equivalent of the Fairchild 670, but only in terms of action, not the actual electronics. It is designed with the Fairchild in mind, delivering similar action but retaining its transparency or high frequencies, even when pushed to the limit.). The fixed attack/release constants are duplicates of the Fairchild constants.
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