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Magic DI
DI Box

- Mono DI Box
- Diskrete Schaltung, ohne Transformator
- Benötigt +48V Phantom Power für Betrieb
- 2 Thru Outputs, aktiv gepuffert und parallel
- Re-Amping
- Combo 1/4" & XLR Input
- Highpass Filter bei 50 Hz
- Pad -20dB
- Groundlift Schalter
- Von Hand gebaut in den USA

ReThinking How an Active DI Can Sound
​The Teegarden Audio Magic DI is a transformerless balanced active direct injection device that offers maximum headroom, low distortion and pristine sound quality. It can accept input levels from passive guitar pickups or piezo transducers up to line level console or preamp levels (-40dBu to 0dBu).  It requires +48v phantom power to operate which can be obtained form most all audio console inputs as well as many Pro Audio Microphone Preamps.

Unlike typical active direct boxes, the Magic DI is approximately a unity gain device which means it does not decrease the operating level of the output down to microphone level. It is about 20dB higher in output than other devices in its class. This requires less gain from subsequent preamps or lineamps and gives a better signal to noise ratio. Many users will find their instruments and effects chains to be less noisy than when using conventional active direct boxes.

Another key feature is the super high input impedance of 1 GigaOhm. This allows any type of pickup, including piezo transducers to be unencumbered by the load of the directbox which tends to be a problem for the tone of piezo transducers with normal active direct boxes. The high input impedance also allows for a capacitive -20dB pad that is noise free and does not color the tone of the input signal like ordinary resistive type pads. An active isolated unbalanced buffered output is provided for instrumentalists who would like an additional thru to a seperate unbalanced chain of effects and amplifiers in addition to the normal parallel thru output. The High Pas Filter (low cut) provides -10dB of gain reduction at 20Hz. The -3dB corner frequency is 50Hz for dealing with low frequency feedback in stage monitors.

The super low noise circuitry, combined with the high impedance input and higher balanced output level gives the user unprecedented fidelity, headroom and EMI/RF noise rejection.

Pure. Simple. Magic!
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