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Stereo Compressor

- Classic Stereo Kompressor, nach Originaldesign
- Transformatoren mit legendären Neve Spezifikatione
- Originales Neve 2254 Design, diskrete Class A-Schaltung
- Brick Wall Limiting
- Transparente Level Kontrolle
- Perfekt für Mixing, Broadcast und Mastering
- Hard Limit Feature für Digital Recording
- On/Off-Schalter für Limiter- und Kompressor-Sektion
- Diskrete Ausgangsstufe mit angwärmtem Klang
- Von Hand in England gebaut und verkabelt

One of the World's Finest Audio Compressors, Bar None
Coupled with the unit’s unparalleled ease of use, this inimitable sound quality has made the 33609 a worldwide studio standard for three  decades.

The hallmark 33609 compression sound is very smooth, and extreme  settings may be used with the compression or limiting remaining  relatively transparent. After several versions of this classic Neve  compressor over the years, today’s 33609 provides the best of both  worlds: original Neve 33609 sound, with enhanced internal and external  I/O switching compared to the original model. The 33609 also utilises a  discrete output stage like the original model, for a slightly warmer  sound that is preferred by many professionals over previous iterations.  Multiple units can be easily linked for multi-channel operation.

The 33609 features independent sidechains for the compressor and limiter sections, with similarly independent threshold, recovery and  attack controls. The compressor features a selection of ratios from  1.5:1 to 6:1 and a gain make-up control that comes before the limiter.  Overall gain reduction is indicated on a moving coil meter.

Much like our classic 1073 and 1081 microphone preamplifiers, the  33609 Stereo Compressor is often cited as a “desert island” compressor –  one which a healthy sampling of the world’s top engineers and producers  would choose above all others.
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